Sometimes Breanne Hurts My Feelings A Little...

I'm sure she doesn't really do it intentionally, but occasionally Breanne will say something that makes me a little sad. Take the following example, for instance. A little background--Breanne occasionally (ok, regularly...) likes to play this game she made up where she takes two objects, and switches their names--ie. she'll call her Ariel doll Diego, and her Diego doll Ariel, and then ask us what their names are, and tell us we're wrong if we answer what their names really are. So the other day we're in the car, and she is referring to me as Dad, and Cory as mom. The conversation went roughly as follows:

Breanne: Hi Mom (talking to Cory)!
Me: No, I'm Mom.
Breanne: No, other mom!
Me: No, I'm the only mom you have.
Breanne: I wan' two moms!



Nicole said...

I think it's more of a compliment that she wants two of you. Just wait til she's a teenager and wants none of you!

Katie Rogerson said...

I agree with Nicole. It's just like I said the other night... She loves you so much she wants two of you!

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

Adam has been telling he doesn't love me anymore....:) Oh the things they say.

BECKY said...

Yup, I agree it's a compliment.

Congrats on the new job... I'm excited for deets. Hooray for blessings.

And I love the pics. And hooray for fun nights at home with your family. :)s