Old Favorites for New People

Breanne loved this book when she was Janey's age for this very reason... and she still does.  

Sorry I haven't been posting much other than pictures--I have just been too exhausted at the end of every day to say a whole lot.  Both girls seem to be in slightly difficult stages--Breanne is refusing naps regularly, and is just very opinionated in general, and Janey is in a super-I-only-like-my-mom stage, and teething.  So I promise I'll post more about what is going on in our lives another day, just not tonight.  I'm just too tired.  I realized though that I haven't mentioned that Cory got a new job--we're pretty excited about that.  Cory isn't ecstatic about the work he's doing, but it is a great job that works well in his schedule, is 5 miles from our house (as opposed to 50), and is a 50% pay raise.  Plus he'll be getting to do more of the stuff he wants, it sounds like, in a few weeks... again, I'll explain later.  But we are definitely being blessed over here.  Sorry I didn't tell y'all sooner.  But seriously, more on that all later.  I'm going to sleep.


The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

So I enjoyed the marathon reading of your blog I just performed! :)

A 50% pay raise is awesome! I'm glad to hear your husband wasn't out of work as long as we were a few years back.

The picture through the apple is priceless!

*Aliese* said...

Yay for your husband's new job; that's fantastic.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Those two pictures are super cute! Congrats on the job.

Katie Rogerson said...

I was thinking about that book the other day! I figured it was about the time that she would love it. And I love that Breanne still does. Hope you got some much needed sleep!