Carving Pumpkins

As promised, the pumpkin carving photos:

Breanne wanted to make her own face, a "miley-face" she kept telling us... so Cory let her draw what she wanted him to cut while I scraped out the guts.
What Breanne's face came out looking like--there are definitely two eyes, a nose and a mouth there, so that's what Cory cut... with a little artistic license, of course.

Janey's big job was to sit in her high chair and be happy, which she did well up until the end, when she was getting hungry. She was lounging a bit, putting her feet up, as seen in the photo below. Funny girl.
Sorry, apparently we missed pics of the actual carving--my hands were too covered in goop to take pictures of Cory. But believe me, he did a good job. Or just see for yourself:

Cory's Pumpkin:

Breanne's Pumpkin (turn your head a little sideways... isn't she a creative genius? :):

I love silly traditions.  They just add so much to the simplest of holidays.  I was worried we wouldn't get to the carving this year, because we seem to stay so busy, but we really had a lot of fun with it all.  The two pumpkins we carved were purchased, btw, if you were wondering.  I grew a TON of pie pumpkins, but they're much smaller.  My jack-o-lantern vines did wonderfully, but I didn't get a single pumpkin off of them.  Weird.  Next year I'll have to use a different brand and see how they do, I guess.


Katie Rogerson said...

Breanne's pumpkin is brilliant. And Cory's is pretty good too. He usually has good pumpkins. One of my favorites of his is the one with the logo of Freakazoid. I enjoyed that one a lot. :)

BECKY said...

Thanks for the Old Navy tip... they are ADORABLE costumes!!

And Breanne's pumpkin is fantastic!

gilian said...

yet another example of her genius! and what a great dad to carve what she created.

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

That is a very good idea to have kids draw what parents carve. I'm going to try that next year!