And One More

Also at the duck park are two really cool playgrounds--we only visited this one, but the girls had a lot of fun, and so did Cory and I... until he called me fat, that is.  Or not.  Whatever. :)  My favorite photos in this collage are of Janey--this was her first time in a real swing, I think, and she LOVED it.  She was laughing the whole time.  So cute.  Also of note--I think there is a picture of Breanne standing in front of every slide at the playground, yet she didn't go down a single one.  For some reason, she just wanted to climb up the stairs and yell at us, but not slide down.  Funny girl.  One last thing--Breanne is pumping her legs while she swings, something Cory taught her to do back around the time Janey was born.  It doesn't do anything for her yet, but she is understanding the concept.  I am loving that she is more and more able to express her desires to us with words! and understand what we are saying in return, and how it can actually help her when she listens to us.


gilian said...

i love those adorable girls. happy, determined beautiful darlings.

Katie Rogerson said...

I think my mom has a picture of me in a swing with my tongue out just like half of those pictures of Janey. haha She's so cute. And I love your new background! Very cute. :)