He's the Man

I stole this from Aliese's blog, because I feel like I'm running low on ideas for blogging, especially on boring days like today when we watched Wall-E at least 5 times. Sometimes I regret that Breanne knows how to turn on the tv herself...

Anyway, here is some info about my Cory, in case you don't know him well enough. Hopefully he won't mind. :)

Five things my husband loves:
1. Me
2. Our kids
3. The Gospel
4. Apple computers
5. Himself

Five things on his to-do list:
1. A transcription of some old piece of music... blah
2. Chess programming project... more blah
3. Talk Radio iPhone app work (it's already in the store, if you want to check it out. :)
4. WordTeach iPhone app work (program he's been working on for Breanne that hopefully someday he'll finish and have in the store, too.)
5. Fix our stairway (way down the line in priority, though, sadly)

Five snacks he loves:
1. Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade things
2. Runts
3. SweetTarts
4. Smarties
5. Bagels with cream cheese.

Five things you may not know about him:
1. He is very self-motivated, and is constantly teaching himself new things and researching new ideas and projects. This is a big part of why you'll so rarely see him without his computer.
2. He is a serious night-owl--often staying up past 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning... though this seems to be dimishing as he's gotten busier with work and school and other projects.
3. He proposed to me at Goose Pond, which is across the street from Walden Pond... makes the English Major heart in me just melt.
4. He served a 2 year mission for the LDS church in Caracas (and the surrounding areas), Venezuela.
5. He was in a band back before his mission, and has taped recordings of his band. My favorite song of theirs is Caffeine... so great. :)

Five places he has lived:

1. Sacramento, California
2. Ewa Beach, Hawaii
3. Endicott, New York
4. Merrimack, New Hampshire
5. Provo, Utah

Five quirky things about Cory:
1. He is a collector, and has a very very very difficult time letting anything go.
2. He has a knack for writing things down on post-it notes or other small scraps of paper and leaving them all over the house for me to collect.
3. He doesn't like to walk around without socks on most of the time.
4. He thinks it's disgusting that I might wear his shoes without socks to take something outside (as in if I slip on his shoes really quick to take out the garbage--that's so gross to him.)
5. He loves me!

I consider myself to be a very lucky girl. While our relationship may not be perfect, I can't imagine a life without Cory. He has been such a strength to me, and has taught me so much. I don't know what I'd be without him. I love you Cory!


*Liese said...

So sweet! I'm glad you stole it since I know almost nothing about your husband...I get the feeling he's a computer genius though! That's awesome. You said something about a new "i-app" for Breanne. What's that all about? Sounds a bit interesting.

gilian said...

It has taken me nearly four years, four months, and four days to figure out all of this about Cory. I knew from the first time I met him at your apartment in Logan that he was attached to his computer, but I didn't realize right away that his compy love was so deep and so apple-specific.

I had no idea that Cory has a to-do list. I suspect that it is your idea of a to-do list for him. He seems to carry his to-do list in his head where it can be revised, completed, or forgotten at any time. I think he does the thing that he thinks is most important at that moment. Unless it's a school assignment that he has turn in in the next hour.

And about that quirky list--I don't find it the least bit quirky that he loves you. I knew also, from the first time I met him, that he would love you, that you would love him, you you create a beautiful family together, and that he would sometimes wonder what was up with your mom, anyway?

Geo said...

Fun! He doesn't look much different than he did as a little guy.

I missed the strummers AGAIN this week, but I had great intentions—I had my guitar all loaded up and ready to go, straight from my in-laws' to class, but the family dinner went long, and it felt important to stay, seeing as how we were having a last dinner with baby bro Chris, who got married this weekend. NEXT TIME. And if I don't come, feel free to kick me.