Picking Things Up...

Breanne's new stuff--


When asked if she wanted to eat her stew with her roll, the response was "No way, Mom.  No way."

When Janey was "attacking" her on her bed (with Cory's help), she stated over and over "No, no!  Yeave me a-yone, Naney!" (trans. leave me alone, Janey!)


While giving me a goodnight kiss, she wanted a serious smooch, like mom and dad sometimes get.  She does not.

Her dolls are constantly dancing, singing, asking if they want to take baths, eating, drinking... she loves little dolls.  I'm thinking maybe some little animals would be a GREAT Christmas gift for her.

Cory was reading her a book about Nephi getting the brass plates, and when he came to the part about the pillar of fire Lehi sees, she tried to blow out the fire.  She also wanted to know the difference between Jesus and the angel that visited Nephi and his brothers.  Smart kid.

We went to Disney on Ice today (whole post about that on the way, I need to get some pics from Shi first...), which was SO fun for Breanne--she loves Disney movies (not having any form of cable means she watches a lot of movies...), and she could name almost every character.  She spent almost the entire time with an awed look on her face, so sweet.  However, she did NOT like Monstro the Whale from Pinocchio--even though she loves the movie, when he came out, she started crying (real tears, even), and told me "I wan' go home! I wan' go home!"  It was so sad.  But then more of the other characters came back out, and all was well.

Janey is also progressing.  She says things like "blaGlabadaba," and "hida" regularly.  She is also clapping, waving (occasionally), and playing games like peek-a-boo and so-big.  She sits like a pro (though I have to put her in a sitting position, she can't get into it herself yet), and loves to play the "oops, I dropped it game"... I just keep waiting for that first "Uh-oh" to slip out.  She loves it when Breanne plays the game where she jumps and falls down a lot, and laughs hysterically almost every time.  She is really getting into things now that she's rolling and scooting so well (no crawling yet, just like her sister), and I regularly hear Breanne saying "No, Naney, that's my...(finish sentence with one of Breanne's prized dolls or other possessions)," at which point I usually intervene by having Breanne find a new toy to trade her for.  All in all, I think they get along great, as far as sisters go, and I am so proud of all their new accomplishments.  I love watching them learn and grow.


*Aliese* said...

Totally love the "kiss" experience; I can't even imagine trying to explain that to a small child. I can TOTALLY see how Monstro the whale would be frightening to a little girl!! Disney on Ice really should have thought about that...

gilian said...

I so wish I were there--not just for the Disney on Ice, but for all of those other moments--the learning, the movement, the sisterly bond. I'm so grateful for our almost every day phone calls.