Cory's New Job

So I still haven't posted about Cory's new job--time to get that one down.

When Cory got laid off from Excel, we both really felt like it was an opportunity for growth, rather than a set-back. Which was really weird for me--I am an excellent panic-er. When it comes to money, there are few things that can get me more upset. Yet I was strangely at peace with everything. As was Cory. And right we were for being so. During the week and a half that Cory didn't have an official job, he was able to work on a few iPhone apps, which ended up paying us more than Excel was. He also got in touch with one of the designers he'd been working with through Excel, and has secured a few projects through him as well, another source of extra income. And last, but not least, he applied with Rivetal.

Rivetal is a company Cory worked with regularly through Excel. They're a media production company (meaning they do all kinds of stuff--for Excel I think they did the dvd menus and things). The day Cory got laid off, I was searching the newspaper for job leads, and came across a job that exactly matched what Cory was hoping to get, and low and behold, it was for a job at Rivetal, and the contact to call was the guy Cory already had programmed into his phone and worked with weekly, pretty much. So Cory gave him a call, told him what he was looking for, and asked a few questions. Later that day he sent in a resume. The next day, he went in to get the last of Excel's stuff from them, made sure they had all the application stuff they needed from him, and then we waited. The following Thursday (Halloween night, I believe) Cory got an email saying that he had a job, but not the job he was expecting. Instead of PHP/development/coding/whatever, he is doing office management, at least while their normal girl is out having a baby, and then they'll renegotiate his contract when he graduates in April. We've also heard that they're excited to use him for production, but he hasn't done much of that. Yet.

So while it might not be exactly the job Cory wants, we still feel like it's great because he is getting even more contacts (all about the networking!). Oh, and it's a 50% pay raise. And he only has to drive 5 miles to get there, instead of 50. So he is home for dinner at 6:00 every day, and still puts in 30 hour work weeks, and gets to leave that job at the office. It is so nice to have him home more, even if he is still working on school projects and other work things (like the iPhone apps and other stuff). The girls love getting to see their dad more, and I love the extra support. Mostly I just love having him around so much, and able to work enough to support us at the same time. Someone out there is taking care of us, and I'm so grateful for it.


*Aliese* said...

That sounds so fabulous! I'm glad it worked out for him.

Mandi said...

Jessie, I am so happy for your family about how all of this worked out. What a blessing! We are at the job- and grad school-searching phase, and can understand what a tense time you just went through. Congratulations!

The Kilger Family said...

I am so happy for you guys. How great that Cory getting laid off ended up as a blessing in disguise.

Anna said...

od news. congrats. :)

Anna said...

I meant good news, congrats, sheesh, can't type apparently.