I'm Tired.

Today's Accomplishments:

Kickboxing class
Made my bed
Planned the food and fun for tomorrow's baby shower for a friend (to be held here)
Picked up all the toys in the front rooms
Cleaned the bathroom
Moved the laundry downstairs
Yelled at the cat
Listened to Breanne parrot-ing my yells at the cat, regretted yelling
Did most of the dishes
Moved lots of the stuff I don't want in my house out to the car, to be taken to the storage unit tomorrow
Vacuumed the front rooms and my bedroom
Cleaned the front room carpets
Realized my arms really hurt, and I have blisters, from pushing around the carpet cleaner

I also did normal stuff, like feeding and playing with children (we painted with watercolors today).  And I probably did more, but I can't remember it all now, I'm pretty worn out, and ready for bed.  Have a good night, all.


Aliese said...

You're seriously like Super Mom! I'm totally not saying that to be sarcastic either...I read your posts and think, "When I have kids, I just might have to have Jessie post what she does every day so I can mirror it..."

Stephanie Oelkers said...

Do you want to come to my house and do some stuff to? I feel like I can't get anything done! Seriously, we just finished taking everything down from the Halloween party YESTERDAY. You're an inspiration!

Amanda said...

Seriously good job. If I had a list like that, I doubt I could put on there that I played with my kid! I mean, I'd feed him, but that may be about it! =)

Anna said...

Someday i'll be a mom...and I'll do such a post and it'll go like this:

What I did today:
-Fed the baby
-watched TV
-Did one load of laundry
-Pulled dinner out of the freezer and cooked it for Joe.

The end. You are superwoman. I'm productive now, but I guarantee children will heavily decrease my productivity.

gilian said...

While it feels very good to be productive and see the results, I'm sure glad Janey still makes you sit down and take it easy every few hours. And maybe if you get some Elmo or pincess bandaids, Breanne will care for your blister wounds while you rest with Janey...