Crazy People

You all must have missed the header of my last post.  It read "I'm Tired."  I thought that was an indicator that yesterday was not a normal day.  I do not usually clean my carpets, or even vacuum, really.  And I especially don't do all that stuff in one day.  It was all in preparation for a baby shower I was hosting tonight.  I am glad I got it all done, it is nice to have a clean house again, but seriously, I'm no super-mom.  I usually shoot for getting 1-2 projects done a day... and projects in my case refers to a couple loads of laundry, or a load of dishes, or maybe (just maybe) vacuuming the front rooms.  I like to spend my time focusing on my kids more than the chores around me, and I'd like to say that's all I do, but really, we watch a lot of movies (no reception for our tv), and I do sudokus or read quite a bit, too.  We try to get outside everyday, though that doesn't always happen, either.  I am, however, trying to get more permanently organized, so that cleaning doesn't always have to be such a chore.  (If anyone out there is wanting to spend some moulah on me for Christmas, I'd love a good sized filing cabinet that I could store in my basement, and file things away for reals.  This little box we bought as newlyweds just isn't cutting it anymore.  We need more space for filing.)

Anyway, I appreciate all your words of kindness, but seriously... I'm just doing the best I can, but don't be idolizing me.  We live a comfortable, but not quite ideal, life over here.  Pretty normal, as far as I can tell.  We're always looking for new things to do, new activities to keep us busy, and new ways to keep our lives a little more organized, a little simpler.

But I do throw a mean baby shower.  And I make a great apple dip.  Seriously, you should all try this:
1 8 oz pkg cream cheese
3/4 C brown sugar
1/2 C powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

Cream all together, let sit 2 hours (in fridge), then mix again.  Enjoy.  Seriously, so delicious, and so easy.  I gave out the recipe at least 5 times tonight.  And now, I'm going to go switch over a load of laundry, and head off to bed.  Good night.  :)

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